An introduction to the artist journey of Konstantinos Angelos Gavrias

Following a long and successful international career of almost two decades both

in front and behind the camera not only as a photographer, and as a model his journey lead him down the paths of creative photography and mixed media experimentation especially while studying Fine Art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with renowned artist and professor Rita McBride.

A personal health adventure with cancer struck hard in 2019 not only for himself but also his close family members. As a result, he started to explore and research various healing avenues and coping mechanisms. This healing journey lead him to the Peter Hess Sound Institute where he studied the healing effects of sound frequencies and the meaningful context in Performance Healing. This further lead him down the path of experimenting with sound frequencies alchemy.

His personal healing journey through art expression and sound alchemy inspired him to share his multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experiences via his artwork and his sound healing therapy sessions with the world.

My artistic research and journey originally started in the field of Photography.

In reflection, my initial work, title Plato’s Cave / and the Allegory of Plato’s cave thesis have been fundamental, as I now look back at over a decade and a half, my work seems to have transcended into different forms of media and into a more Ethereal Expression. We can conclude that an expression of self-discovery seems to have evolved and transpired throughout my work.

As my Photography always included a self-portrait and can be identified as a documentation of personal experiences over time my work shifted after studying at the Art School, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf into a more interdisciplinary approach.

In 2017, I was given the opportunity to participate and exhibit my artwork Installation for the 500 years anniversary of the Martin Luther Reformation. The Title of the Exhibition “Transformation Reformation” became fundamental for my own transformation and work that emanated as an Object. During that same year I started getting back into my sound experimentation and my interest in frequencies was ignited.

My personal development gave rise to a Hexagonal Shaped artwork, where for the first time the Form was my inspiration and not an image. We could say that I created an Object/Photographic Sculpture

In 2019, I received a second invitation from the same Church to participate with a new piece of artwork corresponding to the theme of “Temptations”. This opportunity gave birth to my consequent artwork and to the development of AEON.

During this same year I had to deal with my own personal mortality, as I had to face fighting cancer until May 2019. I managed to beat it and I emerged with a heightened consciousness and an intimate affinity with the power of sound frequencies and their ability to heal .

As a result, I embarked on an new sound journey and begun entertaining studies and intensive seminars granting me the opportunity to emerge as a Sound Practitioner with Sound Performance Skills. These new skills meshed in well with my Vision and desire to create Art and an all-encompassing whole Installation for an audiovisual experience incorporating intense vibrational power.

Subsequently, my last group exhibition was a Sound Performance which I see as the Bridge connecting my final development of Installations with a full 5 senses experience. I want people to experience my work on a multidimensional, multisensory level.